Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hot 'n' Crispy Cauliflower Tader-Tots

I saw the recipe posted for these things here and I immediately started craving them. I was not sure how close to actual potato tader tots they would turn out to taste like but by the picture I knew they would be worth the try. For such a small snack it is rather labor intensive, but I assure you it is well worth it because they taste like the real thing. Here is what I did:

Par-boiled an entire head's worth of cauliflower until just fork tender, not too much

Put all of that cauliflower into my Vitamix machine on about speed setting 7 and blended until only slightly chunky, mostly puree.

Add 4 whipped egg whites (make sure your cauliflower isn't so hot it cooks them)
Add 1/3 cup white cheese (I used Montery Jack)
Add 1/4 cup of yogurt
Add 1 tablespoon of garlic powder
Add 2 teaspoons of white pepper
Few Tbsp coconut oil

Mix the above well and since I don't own pastry bags cut the tip off of a ziploc bag and spoon into the open end, then pipe out shapes onto a baking sheet and place in oven at 375 degrees for about 20 minutes.

Once these are done, get some coconut oil hot in a frying pan (not much is needed) and plop on the tots!

Fry until golden brown and crispy.

Then load on the salt and chow down.

The whole head of cauliflower tots were devoured in one evening....leftovers? Psh.


  1. What a great idea!!! And it looks so delish!!! Thank you!!!

    1. They are delicious, Linda, I hope you enjoy!

  2. Hi Linda,
    Thanks for the recipe. I tried these and they tasted good. I just have a question. Could you describe "done"? Before you fry them. Mine were just as mushy after baking for 20 min as they were when I put them in. Maybe my cauliflower head was bigger than yours. Can you tell me what the weight was before you cooked it? Or the cups? Looking forward to trying more of your recipes!

    1. After baking for 20 minutes they should be done. The cauliflower I used was normal sized for a non-organic head. I can't remember how many cups but it was pretty large. The baking should dry the cauliflower out just enough so that it stays together enough to plop the pieces into a pan of oil. If they are still very soft and will not stay together I would suggest increasing the temperature of the oven to 400 or 425 but keep a close eye on them so they do not burn. I hope this works for you.

  3. Looks great for heathly dishes.

  4. This is technically Primal, not Paleo, because it has dairy. This is not to criticize, just clarifying the label. I got all excited when I saw the picture and was bummed out I couldn't make these because I don't tolerate dairy well. Wouldn't have happen had it been labeled Primal, not Paleo.